How @Emma_Golding Became a Fan

I’m not really sure when I became a Federer fan. I know it sounds stupid, but for me it’s difficult to pinpoint the moment where I went from a casual admirer to the full on oh-my-god-the-live-score-has-frozen-I’m-going-to-have-a-panic-attack kind of fan!

Tennis was on in my house during Wimbledon. That was pretty much it. I vaguely remember watching the Wimbledon 06 final on a dodgy TV screen and crossing my fingers for Fed at every possible opportunity. It just seemed kind of natural to support him the most – my mum did for the same reason she supported Justine Henin, because he played beautiful tennis – and so I followed her lead. I saw his quarter final against Ferrero in the stands of Wimbledon Centre Court in 2007, but didn’t fully appreciate it at the time.

I registered on Roger’s website on 8th September 2008. That was the day he won the US Open final. I probably found out about that because it was in the news (Murray being there meant it would have been difficult to not hear about it. Yep, I’m a British fan) but I couldn’t watch it because of the exorbitant pricing of Sky Sports, the US Open broadcaster. Anyhoo, that tournament, having watched it back later, will always be pretty special to me, especially after having suffered through the Wimbledon 2008 final live. I was too nervous to watch that one on television – in fact the only image I ever saw was of Rafa draped in the Spanish flag and climbing through the stands as I walked through the living room to the kitchen. I didn’t see the Aussie Open 09 final live either – I saw the pictures instead, on the front page of the Daily Telegraph, and remember feeling so much affection for Roger just because he cried.

But what really turned me from a fan into a fanatic was probably the French Open 2009. Yeah, that’s a bit late compared to most seasoned followers, but I’m not complaining 😉 I suffered through the matches from Acasuso onwards, and for the final I was too petrified to do anything except follow the live scores until the very last game, when I relocated to in front of the TV. I fumbled with the controls then watched, open-mouthed, as his nerves got the better of him and he went break point down. But for me it was one of those moments where you just know you have to watch because of history or it being something special or whatever.

Anyway, he won. And I think what really made me a fan was the almost fairytale-like story of it. He’d lost to only one incredible talented guy over the last four years; he’d been on the brink against Acasuso, Haas and Del Potro; and most of the tennis world had written him off not only winning that event, but any other slam ever again. It’s an underrated side of him, really – he doesn’t quit. It’s why I admire matches like the Wimbledon 2008 final and his 2008 Masters Cup RR match against Murray. In some ways the most special thing he’s done, for me, is that he’s played 900 singles matches on tour and never once has he retired.

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How @april_marieee Became a Fan

I started watching tennis the ending of seventh grade in 2005. I was not really a fan of tennis, but my dad was mesmerized by how all the players on the court made it look so effortless.

One day after school I decided to give it a shot, and it just so happened that Federer was playing the match I watched. I had never heard of him, but I loved the way he played off the bat. His moves were so clean cut and precise. The way he glides across the court was amazing to watch.

Since that match, I began to watch more tennis. I had forgot his name until I watched another match of his. I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of him. I watched all his matches where he made it up to the final against Agassi. My mom was a huge Agassi fan, so throughout the match I would tease her about Federer beating him. She liked Federer as well, but was not willing to watch Agassi lose. In the end Federer pulled through and won with a score of 6-3, 2-6, 7-6(1), 6-1. It was then when I knew I would be a Federer fan no matter what.

However, it was not all his tournaments that he won that caught my eye. Federer is much more than that to me. He has that charisma everyone can’t help but like, and he’s also an attractive guy with some mad skills. Despite his struggles in the past few months, I have kept loyalty to him as a fanatic of his. I knew I was a complete and die hard fan since day one when he cried after having lost to Nadal at the 2009 Australian Open. That brought tears to me eyes, because I felt like I wanted to win that match as much as he did.

No matter what he still was an impeccable player. He has the best sportsmanship qualities that anyone would be glad to be around. He has done so much to help others with his organization, and continues to be an outstanding role model. Federer is truly an inspiring legend.

-April Mota


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How @shackle52 Became a Fan

I had drifted away from tennis watching and got interested again in the Slams following Roddick’s win at the US Open. I remember settling down to watch him play this Swiss guy with a ponytail and figured that big serve would wipe him out. Well, I was blown away by Roger’s play but wasn’t captivated yet.

I guess I mark my turning point from mild interest to fandom with Wimbledon 2006. I always say I was driven mad by a cream colored jacket and tennis that defied belief. I spent the next few months reading everything I could find about him. I read an interview he gave to South African writer (and college tennis player) Mark Mathebane and was struck by how sensitive and real he was. And still, every match I watched was a revelation.

I realized Roger Federer’s game transcended sports into the artistic. When I watched the documentary “Roger Federer: Replay” and learned how the change he made in his on court temperament led to his success, I was intrigued and totally in love with his game and his persona.

I was lucky enough to visit the Wimbledon museum a few years ago. On the tour I met people from all over the world who love Roger. I used to be a little embarassed about being a “senior” fan until I met a couple in their seventies, who were in Paris for the French Open, primarily to see Roger. He didn’t win that year so I hope they were able to return the following year when he did.

I have had so many great experiences since becoming a Federer fan, including getting an autograph at the US Open this year. I’ll never get over seeing him hit that tweener!


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How @xTUCx Became a Fan

I first saw Roger Federer in June 2005. I still remember that specific day.

I was in the car with my dad, who is pretty much a fan of tennis. We were driving past a sign that said “Roger Federer will face Rafael Nadal in the FO semi-final.” And there was a picture of Roger and Rafa. I thought Roger looked really pretty, so I asked my Dad who he was. I was 8 at the time. My Dad responded: “He is Roger Federer. The best in the world.”

I was shocked. “What do you mean, ‘the best in the world’? I bet you can beat him, Dad.” I repeat: I was only 8 years old. My Dad laughed and said: “No, Irina. No one can beat him.”

This was something new to me. Someone unbeatable. Invincible.

That night, I watched the semi-final with my Dad, who was cheering for Rafa. I used to play tennis two times a week, so I knew the rules of the game and everything. When I saw Roger play, I was stunned. The way he moved, so flawless, and the way he hit those forehands… I was very impressed by his game, and I wanted to see more of his matches. I googled him that night, and became a member on his website. From that day on, I started watching videos of him on youtube, and I rarely ever missed a match. I became a fan.

Since 2005, I saw Roger Federer live 13 times, thanks to my amazing Dad, who supports me and my passion for Roger. 5 years of nerve-breaking, full of tension matches, but I enjoyed every one of them, as I got to watch, during this 5 years, the greatest game ever, played by the greatest player ever. Roger Federer was my obsession, my drug.

And still is.

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How @rodikovska Became a Fan

I started following him since maybe 4 years ago, since the company where I worked is the one which make the Mexican ATP possible.

First at all, I had to say, that he caught my attention by his gorgeous face, which at the end it does not really matter since I used to look a lot of handsome sport players and forget them the next day, but Roger is different, he is worth it.

I am one of those people who think that most of the sports players are not very intelligent, that they just use their fame, face and money to sell products. However Roger is different. When I watched him giving an interview after a tennis match, it surprised me how well and fluent he speaks English though it is not his mother tongue. At that time I was kind of jealous since I have tried for some years to learn and speak fluent English the same way he does. Then, I discovered that he also speaks fluent French, so it make me realized that, at least in a language field, he was better than most of the other average players.

About 2 years ago, I looked at some pictures from the Australian Open he had lost against Nadal, the pictures showed a Roger crying and shattered about the match, instead of thinking he was a bad loser, I thought he is not afraid to show his feelings and he is vulnerable as everybody else, thereafter I actually thought about him like more a strong person than a weak one. Just real men are not afraid to show what they feel.

But the most important thing I admired about Roger is the way he talk about his opponents and the way he always says good thing about them, like they are a tough and good players to beat. He never diminishes them and always show respect from them, even when they beat him. He never looks angry on the cameras and he always gives us a friendly smile.

Somehow, he inspires me and encourages me to take challenges in my day by day life and never give up when things turn ugly, nevertheless to keep working and be more focus and concentrated to try again.  He is not the person who rest in his laurels but keep working and improving his play, and that talks by himself.


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How @tsarina777 Became a Fan

Until Wimbledon 2008 I hated tennis. The only tournament I knew was Wimbledon and the only players I knew were Sampras and Agassi.

Then one day I was at home, bored to death and while I was searching for something to watch on TV I noticed 2 men dressed in white playing tennis. It was the Wimbledon semi final of 2008. Roger Federer against Marat Safin. I decided to watch for a little bit. After a couple of minutes I was GONE!

Roger was like an artist! It was beautiful, magical and he captured my heart immediately. The beauty of his game and him in the Wimbledon whites made him look like an angel playing tennis. That day was my tennis “Apocalypse.”

I’m a “late comer” but you know what they say! “Better late than never!!!”


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How @alltimefedfan Became a Fan

I began watching tennis in 2008 The French Open.. the first match i saw was Djokovic vs. Gulbis… anyway.. the first time i saw roger in the final… i liked him more than rafa.. he was nicer, cuter,,,etc lol

but i still wasnt into tennis a lot.. then i watched rafa vs roger wimbledon 08 final… i cried when he lost.. though i wasnt into tennis.. watched and watched him.. till he won US Open 08..i was very happy.. still wasnt into tennis..

2009 came…i saw rafa vs roger AO final *when he cried* and that was it.. thats the beginning of my real love to roger.. i kept supporting and loving him through miami “breaking or DESTROYING his racket” rome… etc till the French Open & Wimbledon & US open final… cincinnati and ending the year as #1 and i am now still supporting and believing in him.


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