Roger and Stan’s R2 doubles match at the Olympics -1/08/12

To go with yesterday’s photos of their practice session, here are some photos from the doubles! I’d never seen them play together before, it was great fun to watch all their hand signals and things like that. They played so well in the first, but Ram and Erlich ended up too good in the end of course. Click the photos to embiggen! If sharing elsewhere, link back to here as the source and include credit. Thanks!

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Roger and Stan’s practice at the Olympics – 1/08/12

Today was my last day visiting Wimbledon for the year, so I made the most of it by catching Fed and Stan’s practice session as well as their doubles match later on. Roger and Stan hit with each other for about half an hour from 10am this morning on Court 4; here are the photos! Photos from the doubles match later in the day will be posted soon. Click on any photo to embiggen! Please don’t repost without linking back to here and giving credit!