@VantageNL Shares Roger’s Matchfacts

Let me introduce myself. I’m Jeffrey, im 27 years old and from The Hague in the Netherlands. Very BIG Roger fan and an Linux Engineer at an IT Company. I’ll start with the negative Head to Head results :

Andrea Gaudenzi 0-1
Andrei Medvedev 0-1
Byron Black 0-1
Christophe Van Garsse 0-1
Dinu Pescariu 0-1
Dominik Hrbaty 1-2
Francisco Clavet 0-1
Franco Squillari 0-2
Gilles Simon 1-2
Gustavo Kuerten 1-2
James Sekulov 0-1
Jan Siemerink 0-1
Juan Balcells 0-1
Kenneth Carlsen 0-1
Laurence Tieleman 0-1
Lucas Arnold Ker 0-1
Markus Hantschk 0-1
Orlin Stanoytchev 0-1
Patrick Rafter 0-3
Rafael Nadal 8-14
Andy Murray 6-8
Sergi Bruguera 0-1
Thomas Enqvist 2-3
Wayne Ferreira 1-2
Yevgeny Kafelnikov 2-4

When I did this I kind of got curious so did some more… hhaha I put al the data in Excel, imported it in Access and did come creative shizzle to come up with the following data :


(click to enlarge)

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